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Follow these steps to build an integration with accounting using Webgility Connect Platform.



  • Go to My Apps > Add Application section and provide your App name and App URL.
  • Select the APIs for which you’ll be using POST and/or PUT method in your Application. This would only be used to display appropriate Sync Settings options to your end-users while using the Application, and would not restrict you from using any of the APIs or methods.
  • An App key and secret is generated for your application. These are used to identify and authenticate your app against the platform.
  • Note: If you’re building your app on http://localhost , we suggest creating a virtual host entry (like http://sampleappname.localhost ) so your App URL is unique.


  • User Registration and get the end-user’s Access Token:
    Register end users on Connect platform using POST method of AppUsers API and sending the App Key, App Secret and end-user’s Email ID as request parameters (Check the workflow here). The end-user’s Access Token would be returned as API response. You must persist this Access Token for all future platform interactions for the user. Click here for sample code to implement the User Registration workflow.
  • Connect to Accounting:
    Place this link anywhere in your App to enable the end user to connect to their accounting system: [User’s Access Token]

    When the user clicks this link, the accounting connection workflow should be initiated in a popup window (Check the workflow here). The user will login to their accounting system, grant access to the platform and configure their sync settings.

    After completion of the accounting connection workflow, the platform will return to your callback URL with the message AccountingSystem=QBO&NextStep=ReadyToSync.

  • Write your accounting integration code
    Refer to API documentation and begin writing code to implement the API calls relevant to your application. Use the API Test tool to see capabilities of each end-point.

    You can use GET method of AppUserAccountingConnection API to know the configuration status of an end-user. Click here for sample code of GET [API Name].

  • Config Widget:
    Place this link anywhere in your App to enable the end user to change their accounting sync settings: [User’s Access Token]
  • History Widget:
    Place this link anywhere in your App to enable the end user to see a history of syncs performed: [User’s Access Token]



  • Go to My Apps > Application details page and click on ‘launch app’ button. You are now all set to go!